The current web page represents the terms and conditions of use of the website lyricsift.com and it was posted on 25-6-2017. In this agreement, the terms “our” and “we” refer to the website lyricsift.com. Any details of this document can be amended and changed without prior notice. The changes done will not be notified on the home page of our website.

As a user you are bound by “legal terms”. By using the word legal terms we mean our privacy policy and all other terms, conditions and rules. In case you do not wish to be bound by our terms, kindly do not make use of the website.

Intellectual Property Rights

The website and its licensors own all the intellectual property rights unless it is stated otherwise. As per the license given down here, all our rights are strictly reserved.

License to Website Use

You can make use of the data given on the website for reading. You may also download and print pages as per your need but keeping in mind the following conditions:

1)You will not republish any matter from the website. This includes republication of the same data on another website. You shall also not save the data from this website on any public or personal data retrieving system.

2)You must not copy, sell, duplicate or reproduce any content from our website for commercial use without prior written permission and consent.

3)You shall not publish a part of the data under another name or heading for personal or commercial uses.

Limitations of Liability

You must agree that it would be unreasonable to hold us liable for the content and information mentioned in this website. It is our continuous endeavour to ensure that all the information is correct and updated but we do not warrant its accuracy or complete status at all times. We cannot commit that the website will be available at all times or that the data will be always be up to date.

We exclude all representations in the form of warranties and conditions to the maximum possible extent as permitted by the law. We strive to include all conditions (without any limitations) of quality that is satisfactory, use of skill and fit for use.

Our liability is hence limited and is as per the maximum extent permitted by the law applicable here. We will not be responsible for any direct or indirect loss and any consequential damage arising under these terms and conditions or related to the website lyricsift.com. The consequences include without limitation, those arising alone or otherwise as in contracts or those related to loss of profits, business, contracts, data, income, revenue or calculated savings.

However, nothing mentioned in the terms and conditions will limit our accountability for fraud, personal injury or death caused due to our negligence or for any other condition that cannot be limited by the governing law.

Access this site

There are certain areas of our website which will be restricted to access. We reserve the right to access to such areas of the website or at times the entire website at our discretion. In case you need to access the restricted areas, you will need a valid user Id and password which must be provided by us. It is your duty to ensure that the user id and password are kept private and confidential. You shall accept full responsibility of the activities that take place under your user id and password. We have the right to disable your id and password at our own discretion.

lyricsift.com Website

You shall not use the website in any way that it causes damage to the website or hampers the accessibility or availability to other users.

You must not use the website for any unlawful, harmful or illegal things or fraudulent, illegal and punishable activity. The website cannot be used to publish or send bulk mails and spam mails.

You must not use the website to copy, print or send illegal or unlawful material or any such content that could lead to legal implications under International or other governing laws. The material sent via the website must not be obscene, indecent, hateful or objectionable. Also such material must not interfere with personal privacy or be the exciting cause of any crime, further it should not be misleading, abusive, threatening, menacing or disturbing in any sense.

We have the authority to edit and or remove any such material put up on the lyricsift.com website.

In order to deal with inappropriate material put up on the website, we will take appropriate action which could include suspension or cancelling of your account. We may restrict access to the website. If the situation demands, we may carry out legal proceedings against you.

In case you post any material on our website, you thereby automatically give us the irrevocable, royalty free license and permission to use, adapt, publish, print, translate and circulate any such material in the media. When required we also have the authority to sub license these rights.

More Information

lyricsift.com and its owner will not be responsible for any damage or loss that arises from the use of the website as a result of inaccuracies or omissions in the information that it contains.

All round efforts have been made by us to ensure that the information which is included is accurate and correct. The content on the website may have technical inaccuracies and typing errors. The information may be out of date depending on the time of access by the user or visitor. We do not take any liability for any error or omission due to failure to update the data. Any decisions taken by the visitor based on the data shall be solely his responsibility.

We reserve full rights to make any changes in the website content or layout without prior intimation and notice.